In 2006, President Xiulin Zhu led a 6-member delegation to Canada and paid a private visit to UW Professor Qinmin Pan, learning about UW, its distinctive Co-op program, preparations for the launch of WIN, etc. President Zhu expressed the interest in collaboration between two universities.
         During 2007-2009, Soochow University and UW strengthened mutual understanding and recognized the need to foster stronger partnership through frequent visits and exchanges of information.
        In Sept., 2010, President Xiulin Zhu paid an official visit to UW and met President David Johnston, Drew Knight, Director of UW International Office, and Dr. Arthur Carty, Executive Director of WIN.
         In February, 2011, Dr Arthur Carty visited Soochow University. Dr Carty visited some colleges and institutes of Soochow University, including FUNSOM & CNST. He also toured SIP, talked with leaders from industries and research institutions in SIP.
        In July, 2011, 1st SUN-WIN workshop on nanoscience & technology was held at UW
         In Nov., 2011, President Xiulin Zhu led a delegation to visit UW again. He met VP George Dixon & VP Leo Rothenburg, and exchanged viewpoints on a number of topics of mutual interest. This visit greatly increased mutual understanding and deepened the partnership.


      In Dec., 2011, the first council meeting of SU-SIP-UW Joint Executive Council was held via video-conferencing. UW President Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur, VP George Dixon, VP Leo Rothenburg, Dr. Arthur Carty, SIPAC Deputy Director Mr. Yinong Li, SU President Xiulin Zhu, VP Jianmei Lu, Prof. Shuit-Tong Lee exchanged ideas on a wide range of topics.
       In Feb., 2012, UW President Dr. Feridun Hamdullahpur led a strong delegation to SU. The missions include:
>   2nd  SUN-WIN workshop on nanoscience & technology
>   2nd SU-SIP-UW Joint Executive Council meeting
>     Signing ceremony and launch of SUN-WIN Joint Research Institute for Nanotechnology
     In Sept. 2012, SU VP Sidong Xiong led a delegation to attend the Grand opening of Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre at UW. He met President Hamdullahpur, Drew Knight, Director of UW International Office. Both parties agreed to expand the collaborations in other fields.
     From July 30 to August 5, 2013, 3rd SUN-WIN workshop on nanoscience & technology was held at UW
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