• Through our joint programs in nanotechnology, SUN and WIN will attract and retain the best of the world’s research talent.
• Collaborative research projects in key technology areas will enable SUN & WIN to make advances at the frontiers of nanoscience and develop applications with significant breakthrough potential.

• WIN-SUN-SIP will seek joint funding and investment to help build leading edge infrastructure and facilities for nanotechnology.

• The joint institute will encourage an environment and culture to foster innovation through training in entrepreneurship and business skills development.
• WIN-SUN-SIP will contribute to economic competitiveness in Waterloo and Suzhou by training students and researchers of the highest quality, with multidisciplinary vision and international mobility.
• The joint institute will contribute to the evolution of new educational programs in nanotechnology.
• The institute will establish mechanisms and programs to facilitate the exchange of faculty and students to build relationship between people, transfer knowledge and provide training opportunities.
• The joint institute will serve as a prime model for Canada and China in fostering scientific and technological cooperation.
• WIN-SUN-SIP will increase the visibility of SUN in N. America and WIN in China to enable:
o The attraction of companies in SIP to participate in collaborative partnerships
o Serve as a contact point for N. American nanotech companies interested in investing in China

• The institute will seek to attract companies in China and Canada to invest resources in support of the students involved in the co-tutelle PhD program.

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